Lunch and Regional Members Meetings

Place: Foyer 2GH – Level 2

Time: Thursday, 12.30-13.30

Lunch with reserved tables for regional lunch meetings for:

  • the Asia Pacific Region,
  • the US Region,
  • the Canada Region,
  • the European region.

U.S. Region Members Meeting
Come join us for a gathering of ISSOTL members from the U.S. Region. We will discuss SoTL opportunities within the U.S. region, share new ISSOTL initiatives and how you might participate, and gather your suggestions for ISSOTL to bring to the Board.

European Region Members Meeting
At this meeting we will – besides networking – discuss how SoTL is practiced in Europe and how we (the participants at the meeting and/or ISSOTL) can help facilitating the enhancement of SoTL in Europe.

Asia Pacific Region Members Meeting
Asia-Pacific friends, come along to network, connect and share with your fellow SoTLers from below the Equator. Your regional VPs will host an informal, yet informative conversation aimed at fostering collaborations, inviting feedback on key ISSOTL activities, and enticing candidates for a 2019 regional VP space on the ISSOTL Board.

Canada Region Members Meeting
Please join us for a regional meeting. Connect with colleagues, discuss the various trends in Canada around SoTL and explore possible collaborations with scholars in your region. Hosted by the two VPs Canada, Dr. Heather Smith (UNBC) and Dr. Jessica Riddell (Bishop’s), conversations will be edifying and delightful.

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